My name is Jamie, I am the owner of Webmaster Jay. I offer a professional web design and digital marketing service. We are Website Designers based in Basildon, Essex. However, our services have a global reach. Click the image below to view our web design packages.

website designers based in basildon, essex


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of increasing organic traffic to your website via Google. This means customers will be able to naturally find you when typing certain phrases into Google search. Click the image below to view our SEO packages.


We are website designers based in Basildon, Essex. Our expertise and artistic vision enables us to create beautiful, professionally made websites. We also offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), plus internet marketing and programming services. At Webmaster Jay, we only use the highly customisable WordPress platform to create your website.  WordPress is simply the tool we use to create websites.  This is not a tool that anyone can jump in and use, it takes years of experience to become an expert at WordPress. This is because coding knowledge is required to use it effectively.  Did you know that most of the major brands in the world such as Amazon, Sony, Disney and Mercedes Benz have Websites created by the WordPress platform? Click the image below to learn more about the team, and our particular skills.

Top Reasons to choose Webmaster Jay

Experts in website design and programming

Experts in internet marketing and SEO

Our team only create websites using WordPress

Passionate about web design

Naturally artistic and creative