Langdon Hills


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Quote Date 24 January 2022
Total £1,010.00
Easy Breezy Massage


£500 One time payment


  • Up to 7 website pages

For example:  Home, About, Prices, Gallery, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions.

  • Bespoke Website Design

For a business such as yours, I will make it sleek, beautiful and modern looking.  The website will also be incredibly easy to navigate.   We only use the Wordpress development platform to create websitesCombined with our coding knowledge, any design is possibleAll website designs include encrypted SSL Security.  Once I have designed the website, then you are more then welcome to suggest tweaks.  My goal is to make a beautiful website that we are both proud off.   

  • Responsive Design

We only create responsive website designs.  This means your website will display perfectly on mobiles, tablets and desktop PC's.

  • Email Setup

We can create a business email (info@example.com), or use an existing email account you have such as Gmail or outlook.  We can even help setup your email account on your mobile.

  • Social Media Integration

We can include links to your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • Hosting and Domain rental for 1st year

Every website needs a location where it will be stored, called a host.  The domain is the website address of your website (example.com).  We sort the host and domain out for you. It is free the 1st year, and will then cost £85/year.

  • SSL Website Security Certificate

Ever seen the padlock icon on your web browsers address bar? A closed padlock means that website has an SSL certificate.  Such a certificate ensures your website is secure, and provides visitors with confidence their personal details are safe.

  • Basic Website SEO

If someone types your website name into google search, we will ensure it shows on page 1 of google results.  However, if you are wanting visitors to find your website using other keywords such as "Massage Therapist in Epping" (for example), then you may want to consider our SEO package below as well.  Please note that it takes time to get ranked, and certain phrases are harder to rank for than others due to competition.



£510 (upfront) for 1st 3 months.  Then £170/month


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may seem like a simple task, but in reality it is very involved and takes up a lot of time, hence the fee.  It is all about standing out from the competition by out ranking them in Google search results.  Unlike paid advertising, SEO has an cumulative effect (if done right).  This means efforts are not wasted even if you cancel the package at a later date.  Obviously this is a competitive market.  MOZ SEO is a website which will give you a good idea what I will be doing for this monthly fee.  It tells you the kind of things I will be working on to influence your ranking.  Some keyword phrases will be much easier than others to rank page 1 in Google.  SEO package also includes the following:

  • Submit Website to Search Engines

We submit your new website pages to search engines such as Google, so they get indexed faster.  

  • Optimisation of Webpages

Improves visibility on Google search.  Many things are ajusted such as the content and coding of webpages to improve search visability. 

  • Optimisation of Website Images

Helps improve website speed and image visibility on Google search

  • Setup and Optimisation of Social Media Accounts

We use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help drive traffic to your website.

  • Add Business to Google Maps

We help drive more visitors to your website via Google maps.

  • Blog Posts

We will post 2 or more articles on your website each month. More articles equal more visitors to your website.

  • Website Traffic Monitoring using Google Analytics

I will send you monthly Reports for your website visitor traffic.  It will give you statistics on your monthly traffic, and where those visitors are coming from.  



If you accept this quote.  50% must be paid upfront via PayPal.  The remaining balance to be paid on completion (after you have previewed the website, and satisfied with it).

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Bronze Web Design Package

You will see a DEMO of the website once I have completed it. The website will only go live when you are happy with the results. I will ensure the website theme, style, colours suit your Logo and niche (Massage Therapy).

1 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 3 months.

SEO must be a minimum of 3 months, which equals £510.
After the 3 months you can cancel, or continue SEO for £170/Month

You can decide that have this package at a later date if you like.

Sub Total £1,010.00
Tax £168.33
Total £1,010.00